Love, not becau…

Love, not because, but despite.

This is really accurate (for me, at least).

People always ask the reasons behind someone’s love for someone or something. I have been asked that, and it took me a while to answer. Even then, in retrospect, I think my answer was stupid because that’s not really why I loved him. It didn’t include the whole scope of our situation, and how my life and his life were intertwined. I guess everyone generally wants to know the reason behind why things are, and we’re constantly looking for answers, but for some things, no amount of reasons would suffice.

I’m rambling already so I guess my point is you can’t answer why you love. You just do. You can try, but the answer won’t really be the whole truth. Nevertheless, we love and love and love. We love even though we get hurt. We love despite the imperfections, the flaws, the drawbacks. We love.


And yet another complicated question. As always, I would not directly answer it, but in response I’d ask: why not?

We have been given the ability to love, and we experience it at least once in our lives. It manifests in all forms, and it is far from beautiful. Love is ugly. Love is the nitty-gritty dirt. But at the same time, love is amazing. Love is magical. So we love despite it being ugly, low, and hideous. Because we can.

So we do.


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