Of Flirting and Hormones

As some people know, I am searching for the first iMed 2020 couple. (Jokingly, of course- or not.)

I don’t know- it just seems more kilig if we have a couple in our midst. We are such a close-knit group that having a couple would be fun and controversial, or at least at first. We are only forty, so after a while things get monotonous and boring. We have all our classes together, so all we see are each other’s faces. After a while, it gets old. We need some excitement in our lives to help us get going.

So when Jo told me something happened during the break, I screamed. Literally. I thought she and Migs would be the first. And is it just a coincidence that they’re also the first pair of our block when the names are arranged alphabetically? I do not exactly approve of him for Jo, but the inner drama queen in me won out and said, well at least now you have the first iMed 2020 couple. The hopeless romantic in me thought that Jo would be able to change him. They’d be so cute together! I was gushing.

But then we had the proper talk. After Chem 14.1, Jo, Uriel, Gianne, and I went to Robinsons to eat. We ate at Pizza Hut, and while we were waiting for the food, Jo told her story. Turns out Migs was just an extreme flirt. Their texts are so malandi you can just barf. And Uriel was giving really sassy  comments that we couldn’t help but be rowdy there. In a restaurant. Full of people (mocking eyes, judging stares). While wearing our UP slings and IDs.

So what really happened was, Migs had a happy crush on Jo, too. However, he also had two other crushes. He also told Jo he wanted to just flirt and keep things casual (he was so mayabang I just wanted to hit his head). He also said that they can date (casually, of course). Doesn’t he get what kind of person Jo is? What is wrong with him? Ugh.

And he sends winks. A lot of them. He’s just so suggestive that it grosses me out a little bit. He also sends suggestive texts and makes Jo’s texts totally different from what they actually are. He changes the context and makes it appear that Jo was trying to flirt with him, while he’s just being cool. Signs of a total a-hole and a true malandi.

There’s this group in our class and they’re called Tiradorz. They’re just a bunch of guys (and sometimes some girls join them) who hang out together. Migs is a part of this group, among others. And they’re really good at flirting. Most of the members can flirt anyone at any situation at all. (Can I just say that Raph is the number one flirt of all I mean wow he hits on everyone and hits the bull’s eye every time. He’s a really good speaker. Really.) They are so malandi we were just laughing when we talked about them. But then we thought of the other boys in our class (we even included Uriel). To some extent, all the boys are malandi. They’re touchy and smooth talkers. They know how to flirt and so they do, in our everyday interactions or online. So why do they do this? All this landi, where is it coming from? Is it misdirected, because they can’t landi the person they want to flirt with? Is it just from all the excess feels coming from all the stimuli? What is it?

I bet it’s just about the hormones. They’ll get over it, so I hope the girls will just laugh at all their attempts at flirting. They could go with the flow, of course, but in the end it shouldn’t be forgotten that the boys didn’t take it seriously. So neither should we.


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