The 8123 Tour Manila Update

I haven’t posted in a while and this would be quite a disappointment for a comeback post because I won’t actually be posting anything of depth. Suffice it to say that I’ve been quite busy these past few days (or weeks) since coming back from the holiday break because the professors have been giving requirements left and right (and add to that the three orgs I’m applying for). With my poor time management skills and the knack to get easily distracted, the work has piled up and I’m literally behind as of now. Life for me, as usual, was a roller coaster ride of emotions. I’ve been a wreck and had numerous mood swings, the number of which increased (compared to the normal count) because of the high level of stress. I also don’t get my relationship with Darren anymore since I was starting to get used to him not being there, but three days ago he found out about my hate post and now we’re on a thin line between friends and awkward people towards each other. I took the news badly (his knowledge about the hate post), because he wasn’t supposed to know and I hate it when this event happens (blame me and my lack of tact). But I’m on relatively high spirits right now!!! I just attended the 8123 Tour Concert last Sunday night and it was amazing. The Maine was there, with This Century and Nick Santino & The Northern Wind. I’ve been waiting for this concert ever since they broke the news at Bazooka Rocks Festival 2. I got the Pulp Royalty Pass because I was determined to make my first concert EVER an experience I’ll never forget. I was not disappointed and it was so good. The set lists were great, the guys were awesome, and it was just magical. I must be dreaming (but I wasn’t!!!). I got to hug them ALL and take some selfies with them (crappy front camera of the phone was used since I’m poor and I don’t have DSLR. My camera got broken and my sister didn’t let me borrow her Instax. I’m still making her guilty.). I got my poster signed though the quality now sucks because I brought it to the mosh pit and it naturally got squished. Everything felt ethereal. It was THAT good. I almost passed out and my arms and legs still haven’t recovered (darn these fan girls. wild as fuck) but I’m A-OK! I don’t regret anything and even though I was so full of bad vibes before, the concert brought me back to reality and I’m now trying my best to connect with people. I love the guys so much. They are so inspiring. I want to see them again and again and again. Can I marry John O, please?



We all have been degraded. We all will be the GREATEST.



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