“Darating siya. Alam ko darating siya at mamahalin niya ako para sa mga taong hindi nagmahal sa akin.”

Somehow I’m still hoping this would come true. That this would apply to me and all my waiting, pain, and heartache will pay off.

I thought I’d lost all hope of a happy ending, but I figured, what’s the purpose of my life then, if not to just cause my misery and those around me?

It’s a Thursday, I’m wearing my PE uniform, and Ana’s trying to peek at what I’m typing. I’m supposed to be doing my Soc Sci report but eh, I can do that later. I always cram things because I know this is not the main purpose of my life. I wasn’t made to be a student; I was flung here by the universe to serve something greater, a purpose far greater than what you and I can fathom.

They say that the world is a happy place if you just know where to look. My mindset’s a lost cause, so let’s cross that out. I’m just waiting for that someone who’ll truly make me happy, who would change the way I look at things and transform me, transform my being. Ultimately, I would be the reason for my own change, but I just need the push. There’s a hole in my heart that needs to be filled, and there’s this tiny ray of hope and faith in my heart that the person for me is just biding his time and would rescue me from the grips of insanity and depression at just the right time.



Oh and btw Ana gave me her cheesecake. Haha. Thanks for the food!


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