I Wrote This Instead Of Texting You Back

Thought Catalog

I only hear from you on weekends.

On Saturday, you’ll text me something pointless, something that didn’t need to be said. I used to tell myself it was because you had been thinking of me and wanted to reach out. I’ll reply to acknowledge receipt of your message (and because I had obviously been thinking of you too, even before you texted me), and you’ll reply with a one-word response that immediately kills whatever potential our conversation had. I try to shrug it off and go out with my friends, using alcohol and dancing as a way to rid you from my thoughts. I accept the free drinks from strangers (even when they buy me something gross like a gin and tonic, something we had once bonded over not liking), because the more alcohol in my system, the more I would dance; and the more I would dance, the less…

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