14 Things Loners Know To Be True

Thought Catalog

Oh, The Places You'll Go!Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

1. Alone time is a wonderful thing until it’s not by choice. Having the option of being around people but choosing not to is far different from being secluded with no alternative. Countless times I’ve desperately wanted space and when I finally have it, it’s agonizing pain. Kind of like Taco Bell.

2. There’s something oddly pleasant about the short-lived period immediately following moving or getting a new cell phone, in which only a select few people know where you live or what your number is. It’s like you’re living somewhat off the grid.

3. The recent glorification of not interacting with people probably isn’t a great thing. I’m guilty of it myself – I say #PajamasOverPeople all the time, but it’s not necessarily healthy to go into isolation. Being closed off from the world isn’t exactly something we should be encouraging and actively pursuing…

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