10 Reasons Why Every Medical Graduate Should Aim To Do Internship at the University of the Philippines – Philippine General Hospital (UP-PGH).



Photo by Dr. Mario Bes (DFCM Chief Resident) Photo by Dr. Mario Besa (UP-PGH DFCM Chief Resident)

Ever since the first week of my post-graduate internship at the UP-PGH, I have had a number of friends from the UP College of Medicine (UPCM) who were constantly asking these questions:

Of all hospitals in the country, why PGH?

Hey Fred, how are you? No regrets yet?

Yet even before internship started, I already had these answers in mind:

I have always wanted to train in UP-PGH because I would want to see as much patients and as much variety of clinical presentations of disease entities as I can. What better venue of achieving this goal than in UP-PGH? As they always say, “Kung hindi na kaya ng lahat, ipapadala din yan sa PGH.” (If other doctors / hospitals can’t handle it anymore, they will eventually send the patient to PGH).

Being accepted in UP-PGH, I have never been happier…

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