But this day started out good, see. You know I’ve been trying my best to be more optimistic amd radiant and just so damn happy, so I let everything slide and shit and the mababaw Abby everyone knows because no one cares enough to dig deeper.

So yay for first times! Kanina after stat lab before stat lec I was supposed to photocopy stuff pero I needed to sit down muna somewhere to arrange my stuff so I went to McDo tapos I saw James tapos I sat with him. He was eating chicken fillet with rice tapos small fries. Ayokong mag-order kasi sayang sa pera eh wala na nga akong pera so umupo na lang ako dun tapos talked to him. I tried. We both tried. Sobrang awkward lang talaga namin na people. But yay! Masaya na ako doon. First time to eat with James alone sa McDo Padre Faura. 🙂 (see grabe effort ko sa project na ‘to I’m even using smileys hehe).

Tapos first time ko kumain ng mcnuggets sa McDo Robinsons second floor. Yay. Nacurious lang talaga ako. Kaso sira ang diet tapos unhealthy. Hahaha. But oh well. After ito ng stat lec.


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