I’d just take comfort in the fact that I probably was the first person you kissed. However, this is unlikely since you and Gan have been intimate, though she doesn’t want to admit it, which makes you not want to admit it either, but you have slipped enough times for me to know what has been going on in your relationship. She might think I’m a flirty bitch, and everyone would believe her, but at least I know the truth. She employs double standards, and it’s either she’s ignorant of her own actions, which are more taboo than the actions she has been criticizing other people for, or that she’s purposely doing it because she likes it, and for her, maybe the benefits outweigh the consequences. So there. It’s either I got your first kiss, which would make me unforgettable to you, or she did, which makes me happy because it proves my thoughts correct.

Either way, I get the upper hand out of this.


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