A few more days, and I’d finally be free. I could finally break free from you.


In the meantime, I’ll enjoy what we have as of the moment because really, an aircon is hella good given our country and time of the year.


I just want to break this cycle of using and being used (which is scientifically proven so you can’t tell me everything I say is rubbish). People are brats, us included, and all we do is hurt each other and get hurt in return. You are a masochist, and you love getting hurt by her, and you rant to me all about it. It just sucks when I try to give you advice but you never follow it. You have never followed any advice of mine, and you wonder why you’re hurt like this. But it’s time to stop pointing fingers, because I’ve been doing it so evidently these past couple of days. She uses you, you use me, and I allow you to. I don’t know what I want from this relationship, and I don’t even know what I’m expecting to happen anymore, because everything has become so messed up and entangled with the messes of other problems and everything else that we just end up with this big rubber band ball of confusion and angst. I could go on and on about this not being my trait, and how this has been so uncharacteristic of me, but it all boils down to the fact that I have allowed and am continuing to allow you to use me. And if we are to change the world, we have to do something radical. So I’ll break the cycle.


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