Dream On

Last night, I dreamed that we moved to a new house. It was ancient, the house we moved to, and it already gave me the creeps the first time I saw it.

It turns out, I already had a backstory on the house. I already knew some weird things about the house even before I set eyes on it. Somehow, I knew it was haunted, and the place emanated of some strange aura. A dark presence resided in the house.

When we went inside, the house reeked of molds and decay. Even though it was sunny outside, the whole place was dark. Everything was made of wood, and there were no flat screen televisions, no ACs, nothing.

The one who toured us around was actually quite open with the fact that a person died there. She told us before we went outside, that someone died there recently. I asked her if it was the cellist from Sarajevo (a character from a book I read in Tandag that wound its way in my dream), and she shook her head no, saying that was another case.

I took a nap earlier, and I had a dream quite similar to the one I had last night. They were both dark and hazy, and I had a heavy feeling while I was sleeping, which carried over after I awakened. However, in this dream, the place was set in Tandag (I assume). Everyone in the dream was from Tandag, like Queenie and Angelea. We were going hiking, and we were going to climb the mountain that was near the town. We were walking in groups of three, to protect ourselves, our mentor said. On the way, I coughed up some stones and a small Sto. Nino relic. I asked my companions what I should do with it, but they all looked the other way and busied themselves, ignoring me. This was creepy, and I realize now, quite scary.

Before we actually climbed the mountain, I seemingly willed myself to wake up because I had this premonition that something bad was going to happen. I woke up and found two towels, one yellow and the other red, on the floor. I went out and saw students playing at the basketball court. I went to the bathroom to take a bath, but once there, I remembered I already took a bath earlier. All the while I couldn’t shake this heavy feeling I had, and I was starting to get creeped out.

I then woke up. I am still confused, but I hope they were just bad dreams and nothing more.


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