Conversation Initiator

I’ve discovered that there are people who exist that connect to others easily. They can make even the shyest of people open up and not feel awkward about it. I talked to Macky earlier this morning at the Health Service and he seemed like that kind of guy. I’ve never talked to him before, and at first, I was cold towards him. I don’t like talking to people. However, two hours later and with no doctor in sight, I started the conversation. I felt the sincerity in his voice, and it did not seem like he was forced to talk to me. His voice had an easygoing tone. I probably won’t talk to him again, but it comforts me that people like him are in this world and are all around me. I easily feel tired and I do not want to converse with people who make it seem like I should be grateful they’re talking to me. I will easily be spent. I do not have energy for those, and it pains me to say that most of the people I encounter give off a vibe that’s difficult to get around of. Granted, my various radars are always off, but when I feel something, it would be hard to convince me otherwise. I also talked to Jared last week in the Biochemistry laboratory. Even though he doesn’t know me, he kept the conversation going (at least until my group mates came back and I abruptly stood, never to talk to him again). I was surprised when he told me he was a shy person, because it seemed like he was quite engaging whenever he talked. He didn’t seem bored by whatever small talk I made (same with Macky) and looked interested. Maybe it was because neither of them looked at their phones at all during the whole duration of our conversations. I’m just glad I talked to new people this month.


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