McDo Hits

For the longest time, I have been a fan of KFC’s mushroom soup. I only like the soup and brownie there, because I personally think the chicken is too dry. It feels like a sacrifice whenever I eat there, but I have to do it for my mushroom soup cravings.

McDonald’s released new food items and I just had to roll my eyes because their new products were all rip-offs from Jollibee and KFC. This included their new mushroom soup. Because I was disappointed at what they did, I only relented to eating there yesterday. Of course, I had to try the new soup offering. Unlike KFC’s soup, McDo’s was lighter and had cut green leaves (see picture below). It tasted different. Not bad, just different. I expected it to taste like KFC’s, but it wasn’t the case. I guess I don’t hate it after all.


(Photo grabbed from McDo Philippines’ promotional pictures)


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