They say that hitting rock bottom is a good thing, because you cannot go anywhere but up.

Why am I still here, then?

People may think I have it better, and in a lot of perspectives, I am. It’s just hard when I a me and I see everyone’s glory and trying-agains and phoenix-like glory, rising from the ashes.

I have been reduced to ashes ever since I was a child. I still see no improvement.

I have tried my best to face life head on, to try to make the best out of every situation, but nothing has changed. I am still here.

Over the years, life has not gazed on me so positively. Nineteen years later, here I am – pessimistic, rash, bitter, and getting less intelligent by the second.

I am what circumstances have made me. I am sad for myself and sad for how my life is going. It is hard to get my life together when everything is going against me. Life is fair in that it is unfair to everyone. I just got dealt some sad cards.


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