At the Ball

Are you smoking out here?
No, Ma’am. I’m getting some fresh air. I have not and will not smoke; I think my lungs have dealt with more than enough damage already.
Why is that?
My father is a heavy smoker. I’ve inhaled second-hand smoke all my life.
Why don’t you talk to him?
Well, ma’am, I have gone through very unpleasant experiences. I try to speak to him as little as possible. Few would understand, and I hope you would not judge me. I have chosen my path and thought things through.
Why do you look up often?
I miss the stars. The night sky is very different here; what with all the pollution. I used to love looking at the night sky and just stare at it for long periods of time, at awe of it. Have you seen pictures of the night sky so beautiful the dots of stars overlap and everything is so vast and plenty? That was how I saw it when I was a child. Then the years came and took me away. The city releases me less and less.


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