All Time Low Concert

All Time Low had a concert here last year with The Maine as the opening act. Blurry pictures because I don’t have a good camera but the memories are there.



National Museum

One rainy afternoon, I decided to stop moping around (after moping around for two months) and take myself out on a museum date. So, last July 19, I went to the National Museum all by myself an hour before closing time. I got rained on and honked at, but I loved the experience. 

  At the lobby near the entrance of the museum. I liked how the lamps looked.
Climbed the staircase until the topmost floor and saw Venus.
 Taken from the topmost floor. The picture is blurred because I had to lean to take this and I’m afraid of heights.
Saw an exhibition about architecture and the models looked so clean and precise. So beautiful.

Details of the old congress hall. There were a lot of busts and statues but they were all constructed with care.
Cafe Adriatico by Emilio Aguilar Cruz

Of course, looked at the many paintings on exhibit. This caught my eye because it’s a painting of the original Cafe Adriatico in Remedios Circle. I used to live near that place and had vowed to eat there before I moved. Sadly, I did not get to fulfill this promise.

Angels, guide us.
Had the exhibit room all to myself as I was getting all kilig. This set of paintings used to hang in the PGH until it was donated. Had to analyze the paintings for a class and they are close to my heart because of the arts, medicine, PGH, and the Philippines.

Wall of paintings and sketches by Luna and friends.
Thank you, National Museum!

Sunset that day from the condo balcony. One of my last days in the condo. I miss this view.

Oh well. Looking back but also looking forward to new experiences!